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Hello, my name is Robin! I am an enthusiastic young animal carer and photographer with a passion for marine animals, marine mammals and nature. Especially for dolphins, whales and porpoises also called  cetaceans. In my childhood I could already say 'dolphin' before I could say 'Daddy' which led to an education in Animal Care during my teenage years. Here I got to do internships and later jobs in different zoos and dolphinariums, which made the passion even bigger. Around this time I also received my first camera as a gift; a new passion was born. During my second study in Multimedia I worked in a store  for a while with a specialization in cameras and photography where I gained more and more knowledge and learned to work with different models and equipment. A few years later I had my own professional publications on the internet, in books, magazines and even in the zoos that I loved so much! I currently have several models, but I mainly shoot with a 13-year-old Nikon. My goal is to shoot without too much fuss and to prove that you do not need much to take beautiful pictures! So my biggest lens is only 200 mm and my photos are almost unedited. The art of shooting with an SLR camera is not in the latest or best, (on the contrary, the photos I make with my 'oldies' I often prefer even my much newer / more expensive models) it's mainly in knowing the camera and in getting to know the settings. Naturally, an eye for aspects such as composition or color use also helps a lot! In addition to working with and photographing animals, I have been blogging regularly since 2008. Some of these blogs have been published in magazines, newspapers and on websites, the same applies to my photos. If you come across me somewhere else or with a different watermark then this is often with permission. If you have any doubts about this, I would really appreciate it if you contact me!

 My life through the lens

Thank you for showing interest in my website and photography and hopefully see you soon!